Six Reasons to Love Brussels, Belgium

With so many places to go to, why should you choose Brussels, Belgium for your study abroad experience?

Here are our program alumni’s top 6 reasons.

1. It’s the home of EU Institutions

If Europe were like a human body, Brussels would be the heart. It is the center of European politics, and home to many NGOs that work to shape the future of Europe. With over 40.000 people employed by EU institutions, and more than 25.000 engaged in lobbying and government affairs, Brussels is the administrative capital of Europe. The most important European Union institutions and policy-making organizations have their headquarters in Brussels:

  • the European Commission, in charge of managing the EU budget and proposing new regulations
  • the European Parliament, whose Members are elected directly by the EU Member States.

2. It’s a Global Business Hub

Thanks to its central European location and to its position at the heart of the EU, Brussels attracts businesses big and small:

  • multinationals are in Brussels to recruit international staff and be close to policy-making
  • smaller companies are in Brussels to serve the EU institutions and the myriad of offices, representations and companies that gravitate around the institutions.
  • In the picture, the historical building that houses the Brussels Stock Market. Significantly, it’s also the historical seat of Euronext, the first pan-European stock exchange.

3. It offers amazing networking

If you’re looking for a place with a global mindset, Brussels is the place to come to. Second only to Dubai, Brussels is one of the  diverse cities in the world and the city with the highest percentage of residents born abroad. With a population of such highly mobile international professionals, you will be uniquely placed to network you way to your next great job opportunity, even as you enjoy your study abroad experience.

4. It’s a great Base to explore Europe

Brussels is a remarkably walkable city, and an extensive public transit system makes your next adventure a short trip from your house.

Well connected to other interesting Belgian cities like Bruges and Antwerp, Brussels enjoys a unique position where international destinations like Amsterdam, Paris, Luxembourg, London, and many more are all close enough to spend a few days in, to enrich your study abroad experience every weekend.

5. You can speak any language you want

A mosaic of people from all over the world come together to live and work in Brussels. Ride a public bus, take a walk, have a drink in one of the many cafés: although you can easily get around in English, you’ll be able to practice your French (the city’s main language), or Spanish, Arabic, Chinese…  Anywhere you go, you will hear hear people chatting away in a dozen different languages.

6. It’s a foodie paradise and a beautiful historical city

You already knew about the world-class chocolates and the delicious waffles that are Belgium’s claim to fame in the world, not to speak of the more than 2000 varieties of Belgian beer…

But did you know that your favourite Belgian beer could flavour a delicious creamy pasta recipe? If you are a foodie, you’ll find your happiness in the hundreds of one of a kind restaurants and bars the city has to offer for any budget.

Living in Brussels means having access to innumerable museums, lively nightlife, historical landmarks and architectural marvels, and so much more. The city and all of its tucked-away alleys, famous landmarks like the Grande Place (Unesco World Heritage Site) and Manneken Pis, and are all yours to explore.

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