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My internship pushed me out of my comfort zone

As an English major, I undertook my internship at MEP Helmut Scholz’s Office in the European Parliament, during my winter break. The internship itself was challenging, yet very fruitful. It pushed me out of the comfort zone and motivated me to accumulate professional experiences, as I needed to quickly adapt myself to a completely unfamiliar working environment.

This opportunity has been more than unique and valuable. I was lucky and honored enough to work side by side with the policy-makers and bring first-hand information for them to know about China. My internship has greatly sharpened my time management skills, efficiency and time sensitivity.

Jennifer, the Program Manager, has been very caring and responsible. She loves intercultural communications and always knows the needs of her students. If I had any questions, I always felt free to ask her.

I would not hesitate to write this testimonial and recommend Go For It Brussels to my peers and those who want to improve their background, have a meaningful experience and gain professional know-how.

– Mengzhe studies English and Interpretation in Beijing. He spent a few weeks in Brussels in the winter of 2019 during his winter break. Now he is enjoying a high-level internship at the United Nations.