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My internship makes me more competitive on the job market

I was busy earning a Masters in Finance in New York when I came across the Go For It program. I wanted to have an internship in Europe over the summer and I had already applied to many positions, but I found the timing challenging since offices were taking a long time to respond to me and I needed to organise my summer. Also, I wanted to change my focus slightly so I felt a bit out of my comfort zone.

From the first interview we had, Jennifer talked to me about different internship options I would have in Brussels in line with my career choices and I was impressed with how well she understood my objectives. Going further with the process, Jennifer gave me some advice for my cv and my cover letter which were very useful and on point.

I ended up being accepted in a great finance lobby internship, which was a very positive and useful experience for me. I enjoyed my work, which was all about reading and writing – quite different from the numbers-based work I had carried out before. I learned about the EU and was able to take part in interesting meetings, while gaining insight into many different processes connected to policy and finance. My colleagues were fantastic, and very helpful in teaching me the basics about lobbying and advocacy.

I think this internship has been a very useful experience to strengthen my cv and make me more competitive on the job market.