International Affairs

Through my internship, I received a level of education that is truly priceless!

My internship
In my time in Brussels, I was very lucky to have the opportunity to work in the office of Maltese MEP Roberta Metsola. Coming into the experience I was certainly nervous about my ability to perform in such a new and different environment. Not only was this my first time working in a political office, it was also my first time traveling to Europe.

I felt well taken care of
Upon my arrival in Brussels, I was welcomed generously by the Program Director and was pleasantly surprised to see the lengths that were taken to ensure that I had everything I needed to start this new adventure and be successful in my work. After my first days in the office, it became clear that this would be a great experience. I was quickly immersed in some of the most interesting and urgent topics facing Europe, and for this I owe much gratitude to the wonderful people I worked under. They were gracious in making me feel wecome and a part of the team. I never felt like an outsider but instead was encouraged to participate and contribute to the best of my ability.

I felt valued as a professional
Within very little time I was attending committee and NGO meetings on my own. It was great to know that I was trusted to represent the office in that way. I felt challenged and appreciated each time I walked into the European Parliament.

– Edgar, originally Colombian, completed his bachelor in the US and is now back in Brussels finishing his Masters in human rights law at the University of Kent, Brussels campus. His horizons have greatly expanded and he is more confident than ever in his job prospects.