You're young, internet - savvy and ambitious. You want to do work that matters and make a difference and start getting practical experience during your studies.  Whether you know exactly where you want to go, or you are still trying to figure it all out, you have come to the right place.

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If you have some time - whether you are on summer break, or a gap year, why not devote some of this time to a great internship in Brussels?  A high level internship is the perfect way to boost your career prospects, learn more about real world opportunities as well as your boost your own skills and have a great experience. As a result, you'll immediately stand out when you present your resume to potential employers down the line: international internships are highly prized in the job market, since they teach you life skills, intercultural communication and many other valuable skills in the globalised business environment of today. When you gain practical experience in the de-facto capital of the EU, a true cosmopolitan melting pot (read more about why we love Brussels here), your weekends will be free to go travel all over Europe. Thank you cheap trains, buses and flights in the EU! The world is your oyster. Also, if weekends aren't enough for you, take some time before and after your internship to really travel.

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Real World Experience

An immersive, 35-40 hour per week internship in your chosen career field is just what you need right now to translate your knowledge into a real-world expereince and network with international professionals while doing real work every day. No coffee-bringing internships for you! We select our host offices carefully and communicate expectations clarly so that you can be sure your experiecne has a high value.

Academic Credit

Does your university award credit for internships? Great, we'll be happy to help you with the paperwork and provide you with a supervisor evaluation when you finish.

Internship Fields

Internships in Brussels are available in the fields of policy making, government relations and lobbying, sustainability, health studies, business, marketing, communication and economics, finance, liberal arts - and more. Get in touch early on to give yourself plenty of time to prepare. Just found us last minute? don't worry, we have been known to perform miracles!

Social Activities and follow up

We'll meet up regularly after your internship and follow up with you on how you are doing , to be sure you get the support you need to make the best use of your time.

Fees and Deadlines

In the summer we recommend an internship of 6-12 weeks: start every Monday except public holidays from April.

Apply at least 8 weeks before your intended start date, especially if you need a visa to come to Belgium for less than 90 days

Internship Full Service 8 Week Program: €  1360 

What you get:

  • guaranteed internship placement in an area of your interest
  • help finding suitable housing
  • local information to help you navigate Brussels and use your weekends effectively
  • emergency support during your stay
  • Visa invitation letter if needed and visa support
  • Superhero Training career coaching program: more than a single experience, you will learn a method to show off your skills to their best advantage and confidently define YOUR added value.
  • Predeparture information and local orientation on arrival


Ling’s Experience

We helped Ling find the direction and intercultural communication help she needed in order to truly shine.