You're young, internet - savvy and ambitious. You want to do work that matters and make a difference, but you also want to have fun and chill and just - like - act your age.  Whether you know exactly where you want to go, or you are still trying to figure it all out, and maybe if you're a bit nervous about 'finding your passion', you have come to the right place.

Your Summer Break is a Treasure Trove

Look, you're free from the daily routine of going to class and writing papers. You want some rest, some adventure, something that will feel like a meaningful use of your time. Why not a great internship in Brussels? It's the perfect way to multitask this summer. You'll plump up your resume, gain practical experience in the de-facto capital of the EU,  a true cosmopolitan melting pot (read more about why we love Brussels here). At the same time, your weekends will be free to go travel all over Europe. Thank you cheap trains, buses and flights in the EU! The world is your oyster.

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Real World Experience

An immersive, 35-40 hour per week internship in your chosen career field is just what that little anxious voice in your head needs right now. Instead of wondering about your passion (or lack thereof) you'll be hobnobbing with international professionals and doing real work every day. No coffee-bearing for you! We wok our buns off to get to know host offices, what they want and what they need. Then, we tell you - in detail. And bingo, you show up prepared and kill it: win-win.

Academic Credit you can transfer

Our academic partner Vesalius College  awards academic credit (3 US credits) which you can transfer back to your home school.

If you are already pursuing a University degree in the EU, Norway, Iceland or Switzerland, click here to discover your options.

Internship Fields

Internships in Brussels are available in the fields of policy making, government relations and lobbying, sustainability, health studies, business, marketing, communication and economics, finance and liberal arts. Get in touch early on to give yourself plenty of time to prepare. Just found us last minute? don't worry, we have been known to perform miracles!

Social Activities and follow up

We'll hold a welcome dinner to get to know everybody and introduce you to Belgian cuisine (spoiler alert: it's not all waffles). We'll meet up regularly after work and follow up with you on your internship, to strategise and advise on ways to make your unpaid internship pay in opportunities and networking.

We also offer a program of day trips and activities to get you started exploring Belgium and learning about the diverse cultural heritage of Brussels, Belgium and Europe.

Fees and Deadlines

8 week program: May 13 to July 7 2019; June 3 to July 28 2019

12 week program: May 13 to July 28

Apply by April 1st 2019

Apply by February 28 to benefit from a 250 € Earlybird discount

Summer Internship Full Service 8 Week Program: €  4850 

What you get:

  • guaranteed internship placement in an area of your interest
  • housing in sigle room with shared bathroom and kitchen in a safe area connected with public transport: homestay is available on request
  • unlimited public transport pass for the whole period
  • airport pickup and transfer to housing
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • Vesalius College tuition for the internship seminar (3 US credits transferrable) with academic support (two-tree meetings with Faculty member and one paper) - If you are already enrolled in a University in the EU, Norway, Iceland or Switzerland, click on the European Student Program page.
  • Visa invitation letter if needed and visa support
  • Superhero Training career coaching program: more than a single experience, you will learn a method to show off your skills to their best advantage and confidently define YOUR added value.
  • Predeparture information and local orientation on arrival

Prolong your stay

Practical Information: find out more about dates and deadlines, fees, scholarship opportunities.

Ling’s Experience

We helped Ling find the direction and intercultural communication help she needed in order to truly shine.