Highly engaging programs designed to boost students' resumes and soft skills

We focus on providing excellent internships, coaching students through the challenges and difficulties of figuring out what to focus on to get a head start in their career.



Awesome internships

Dozens of host offices where students can boost their skills, try something new, have fun with an excellent internship


Every student goes home with a tangible resume builder in their briefcase

Mentorship Program

Thanks to our comprehensive coaching package students are never alone

Boost graduate employability

In this globalised world, more and more companies value international experience - only about 10% of US graduates have it, help your students stand out from the crowd!

Easy format

We will work with you to provide seamless integration with your school's timing, credit structure and strategic goals

Provide strategic direction

Whether students have clear goals in mind or not, we will help them carve out a strategy for their career advancement.