Why send your child for an internship abroad

“Going to Brussels: best decision ever!” (Lola’s Facebook post from the airport on leaving Brussels after a semester program)

Spending time abroad is a life-changing experience. An internship in Brussels will enrich your child’s cultural outlook AND create unparalleled work opportunities straight out of education.

Your child will learn adaptability, intercultural communication, not to speak of independence and networking skills working with us. Even before the program starts, we will start a conversation about your child’s skills and career goals, to make sure that he or she is on track to create the right strategy.

Guaranteed Internship Placement

Once you have signed up and committed to the program, we leave no stone unturned to secure the most fitting internship using our extensive connections to local companies, EU government organisations, businesses.

Our Superhero Training program ensures that students make the best use of their real life experience.  Employers prize experience abroad highly and your child will be able to stand out from the crowd on the job market right after graduation.

Spending time abroad is also a way for students to grow personally and truly reflect on their goals and personal interests, grow their confidence and plan their career path. Students who study abroad are capable of demonstrating they possess advanced knowledge in a global context that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives.

Where will my child live?

We arrange students’ housing in order to maximize their comfort and safety, introducing them to the best local neighborhoods and culture. Independent apartments are chosen in safe nice neighborhoods well served by public transport. We take pains to ensure that the standard of these apartments is high, while recognising that city real estate comes at a premium and size is often reduced. Homestays are arranged through Vesalius College, using a network of vetted family and individual homes that have experience and compassion for foreign students.

Is Brussels safe?

Brussels is a very safe city to work and live in,  and once students adjust to the new surroundings, they will feel right at home. Brussels is also a very walkable city and your child will be able to stretch their legs and admire the many historical monuments and green areas on their way to class or work. At the same time, every study abroad program includes a full public transport pass, making it perfectly safe to be get home 24/7 with the city’s well developed public transport network.

Just like any city in the world, common sense is needed: we will brief your child about safe behaviours in the city and while travelling, so that they can move around confidently regardless of the surroundings they are used to. Brussels has a very calm and non-violent culture and has a reputation as an excellent place for people relocating from all over the world. Although French is primarily spoken in the city, most people know English and are able to communicate in it easily, amking it a very comfortable city to live in for international people.

What happens in an emergency?

Make sure that your child lists you under emergency contacts. That way, in the unlikely event of an emergency, we can contact you. Our local emergency number, which you will receive when you sign up, is active 24/7. You can have peace of mind at home knowing your child is not alone.

We ask all students to have a working cell phone number while in Brussels, and we reach out to them before they travel to Europe so that they feel connected to us even during the trip.

If students are travelling, we advise students to let us know where and for how long that way we can act appropriately if there is an emergency where they are visiting. For peace of mind, it’s also recommended students make copies of important documents before leaving, and brushing up on local cultural norms and practices to make the transition to Brussels easier. We recommend that American passport holders sign up for the Smart Traveler Enrolment Program, which sends updates from the US Department of State.