An entrepreneur, cheerleader, networker and foodie dedicated to helping young people become the person they truly want to be.

I founded my company, Go For It Brussels, to create opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to advance professionally while enjoying a once in a lifetime experience.

At Go For It Brussels, we believe that travelling, experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, are key experiences that can shape who you are as a person and multiply your options instantly. For me, the six months I spent studying abroad in France were some of the best times of my life. I worked so hard and didn't quite sleep enough – and I turned all my clothes green because I didn't separate the washing. My mother was not pleased!

But the friends I made, the skills I learned and the confidence I gained as a result of having to figure out a lot of different things are what really stays with me even now, years later, when my wash separation technique is (practically) perfect.

We believe in quality and in providing value you can't get anywhere else.

That's why we put the accent on professional advancement in our programs. Study abroad is and should be a lot of fun, but it's not a holiday! We want each student to have an in-depth experience whether they embark on a whole semester abroad or travel for just a short program over a break.

Every one of our programs comes with  a portfolio builder.

A tangible result that can be used to showcase skills and aptitudes to a future contact, be it a supervisor or an employer. You know you're ready for that great next step: how cool would it be if others could see that too, even before you tell them?


Our team has hosted and mentored more than 130  students in the past, helping them grow into the superheros they are meant to be. Here are the type of benefits they report from their experience:

  • I had an unforgettable experience, I would totally do it again
  • When I applied for graduate school/a job/an internship, my experience in the internship really helped seal the deal
  • I learned a lot about myself, and I gained insight into my possible career paths
  • I learned practical life skills, and about myself.